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Centennial Park Sound Walk

July 2020 - Centennial Parklands, Sydney

The global pandemic and bushfires have created a lot of anxieties and changed how we function as a community. In times of trouble how do we forge ahead? How do we come together to share and listen but remain physically distant?

In a hope to combat this divide, we invited a change to our communities daily exercise. Our beautiful Centennial Park was soundscaped and reflected upon by a variety of local artists to create emotional responses and deepen our connection to our environment, while giving us a moment to breathe. Much of our year has been spent inside, either from the thickening smoke, or the risk of spreading the virus. It is through this, that as the COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift, we found comfort in our parks and green spaces.

Over a two week period our community was invited to attend Centennial Park. Following the prompts on a custom developed website our audience was guided through the park to find a series of QR codes. Once scanned, the codes revealed a series of websites custom designed for each of the artists including listening directions, an embedded soundcloud file followed by an artist statement and finally a survey prompt with a question written by each of the contributing artists.

The result was a reflective and immersive experience that left our audience with a new connection to the beautiful landscape of Centennial Park.

Artist Lineup: Air Space Ark, Fabrics, Flower Boy, Freda, Holly Friedlander Liddicoat (Poet/Creative Writer), Lucia Moon (Poet/Creative Writer), Megan Alice Clune, Michael Ackroyd, Oedura, Outskert, Rebel Yell, RoyBattyJr, To Kill A Dead Man

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