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Sonya Holowell

Listening Instruction: Gather at corner of Missenden Rd and Dunblane St. Once track begins, walk slowly down Dunblane St until you arrive at the Brain and Mind Centre (right in front of you). Remain outside the centre until the track has finished.

Artist Statement: (You might want to read this prior to the soundwalk)

In 2012 I took this same walk down Dunblane St to the Brain and Mind Centre. Over a 1.5-week progression I had now come to be paralysed down the right side of my body and my arm, hand and foot were completely seized up. I was making my way to the Centre to learn what was wrong with me. I would soon find out I had a brain tumour and haemorrhaging that needed immediate surgery.  

This walk was a kind of ‘green mile’ experience for me. A family member walked me down and I remember leaning on her with almost my entire bodyweight. Only my left limbs were working.    This soundwalk is a residual imprint of my experience, conveying a sense of the struggle, shock, attempts at self-regulation, and some vague sonic memory of MRI machines.   

My time at RPA Hospital gave me an awareness of the reality of the many people who spend much longer in hospitals than I did. I hope to encourage an embodiment for a few minutes; an opportunity to inhabit this realm of anguish and forced resilience that I was afforded myself 10 years ago. 

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